Confiscation Cabinets

Confiscation Cabinets spans many decades of looking at items imbued in resistant behaviours. These have been gleaned by the Artist working in the capacity of a Supply Teacher in over 150 different London schools.

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Part Of 'Primary Girls Confiscation Cabinet'

Resistant Materials

Resistant-Materials is used to describe larger found object work involving specific issue based resistances found in schools. All pieces were donated by request of the Artist. These pieces seek to highlight the myriad of difficulties occuring within different school settings.

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School Head Teacher's door


School-Scapes is a large archive project of photographs cataloguing acts of oppositional behaviour in found landscapes in around school surroundings. This work evidences: imprints, smears, scrapes, droppings, scuffs, graffiti, escape routes and acts of sabotage as well as bullying actions.

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Flotsam & Jetsam

The art project Flotsam & Jetsam was initially delivered as part of a Keep Britain Tidy litter clean-up campaign. It was also tied into a series of public arts projects set up by the arts group Centrepieces. The project involved several youth groups collecting litter in two public parks in Bexley.

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