Resistant Materials

Resistant Materials is used to describe larger found object work involving specific issue based resistances found in schools. All pieces were donated by request of the artist. These pieces seek to highlight the myraid of difficulties occuring within the school environment.

This work incorporates pieces collected by another Supply Teacher Mercedes Philips who worked for many years alongside Guy on the London schools circuit. These artworks were shown in the initial project exhibition God Save The Pupils at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery and at the Dean Clough Crossley Gallery. They were later also shown at the 20-21 Arts Centre in Culture, Alienation, Boredom & Despair and then at the Rejected exhibition at the Rum Factory at Bow Arts.

First confiscated artefact collected by the artist

Behind Closed Doors

This Head Teachers door has been heavily scuffed and battered. It is not unusual for pupils to kick and bash school doors and windows.

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