School-Scapes is a large archive project of photographs cataloguing acts of oppositional behaviour in found landscapes in around school surroundings. This work evidences: imprints, smears, scrapes, droppings, scuffs, graffiti, escape routes and acts of sabotage as well as bullying actions. Many photographs have been taken by young people during community project work.

This work has received support from The Juilet Gomperts Trust and has been shown at the international art show Atelier 35 in a themed exhibition entitled A State of Un-Play. This project has also featured as an exhibition in Romford through the Non Institute of Collaborative Happenings & Endeavours (NICHE) via the Romford Contemporary Arts Programme - Brighter Futures. More recently the work has featured in the contemporary photography project Only The Sunny Hours.

First confiscated artefact collected by the artist

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Part of a series exploring territorial postings involving pupils daubing on lampposts, fences and bins.

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